Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Watch the Super Bowl on your computer (update)

For the Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers, the long and grueling road ends here, in Tampa, FL. The Super Bowl is their one chance to step into gridiron greatness, their one chance to be crowned World Champions. If YOU can't be there at the state-of-the-art Raymond James Stadium to see who will take home the coveted Lombardi Trophy. Don't get stuck watching the Super Bowl on the couch — get your exclusive Super Bowl tickets to experience the excitement live!

NBC has refused to air this ad during theSupr Bowl

Satellite TV for PC

If you won't be in front of a TV, watch the game on your laptop or PC
SatelliteSoft created a "Complete" Package:

* More Than 3000 Stations

* TV In Multiple Languages

* TV Channels Of Different Countries/Regions

* Available Worldwide

* No Extra TV Or Hardware Required

* Access To Live Shows

* Radio And TV Stations


Click Here to watch the Super Bowl on your Computer !

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